About Association

The message

We seek improving the quality of health services at the national level to raise the awareness about the importance of the quality concepts among all staff of health facilities in the country

Our view

The association seeks that the concepts of quality to become a practiced behavior by all health services stuff in various public and private health facilities, also to provide services in the development fields in partnership with civil society organizations and government agencies.

Principles and values:







About the Association


The Yemeni Association for Quality of Health Services and Development is a voluntary, non-profit civil society association working in the Republic of Yemen in the health and development sector. It works with other civil society organizations to achieve the sustainable development in the country according to its main goals. It was founded on 11/2017 with permission number (363) issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (MOSAL) and the approval of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MOHP).

The association’s team has started working on the Yemeni-German Reproductive Health Program with (GIZ) within the (YGRHP) project Since 2006, which has been started with nine members in seven governorates they are (Abyan, Ibb, Sana’a, Ammran, Marib, Hajjah and AlMahweet), where the work has commenced in (37) thirty seven health facilities, but only (30) health facilities get the quality certificates.

By the beginning of 2010, the team had been expanded to 94 trainers, 20 needs assessors and 15 quality evaluators, after that only (84) out of 116 facilities passed the program successfully.

The team has received several training courses from the Health System and supporting Program (HSSP – GIZ ) and other development organizations in several fields (quality of health services – training of trainers (TOT) -reproductive Health – sterilization and decontamination – administration – nutrition – integrative care,,,,,,,,).

The tools of work have gone through several stages of updating according to the learned lessons from the practical reality.

The team works according to the methodology of the European Organization for Quality Management, which has been studied and placed in the framework that suitable with the Yemeni environment.

The team implemented several projects within a (QIP) project in quality of health services in the health facilities in the eight governorates.

The team carried out several activities within the nutrition project (GPFNS) In several governorates.



The association’s goals

1-      Disseminating of the  quality concepts through the  quality systematic  promotion among the health sector, the community members, and the relevant authorities through the available ways of media.

2-     Contributing to improve the quality of services in public and private health facilities (qualifying them for quality certification) by spreading the culture of quality through practical and theoretical training on quality methodology in cooperation with the relevant authorities and development partners.

3- Contributing to provide medicines and medical equipment to health facilities in poor and remote areas in cooperation with donors, and related parties .

4-Contributing in improving the qualification of the associated staff in the quality methodology of health services and other areas that the association seeks to work in through the rehabilitation courses.

5- Expanding and developing the methodology of quality of health services and contributing to the work under the national standards of quality in Yemen by coordinating with the Ministry of Public Health and Population and development partners.

6-Contributing to develop the poor communities to alleviate the suffering of IDPs and those who are affected by natural disasters and wars through coordinating with the local and international development partners.

7- Spreading cultural, social and health awareness among young people .

8-  Contributing to the preparation and implementation of health and nutrition awareness programs for women and children .

9. Participating in surveys of community, health and food researches.



·                The association’s team has worked within the program of GIZ In several projects for 12 years including:

1-   The quality of health services for the facilities of primary health care project in (Sana’a, Marib , Ibb , Al-Mahweet , Abyan, Hadramout ,Lahj, AlHodeidah and, Taiz) during  (2006 – 2018) for 35 facilities.

2-   Project of prepaid system (health vouchers) in Lahj – Ibb – Thamar during (2013 – 2016 ) for 100 facilities in Lahj , 5 facilities in Ibb , and 20 facilities in Dhamar

3- Promotion of reproductive health services and involvement of community volunteers.

4-  The educated Project for the young people in schools about sexual diseases and harmful behaviors in society with partnership of school health.

5- A nutritional counseling project during a thousand days of a child’s life in the governorates of Hajja and Ibb 2017-2018, supported by the Food Security, Nutrition Program and the promotion of steadfastness

6-   The supporting project of acute watery Diarrhea facilities in Al-Mahweet Governorate for 50 health facilities and community awareness about the cholera epidemic.